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Attract online customers to find your business autamatically in 14 days. KawanElite will do all the works from planning to execution, so you can focus on the big picture of your company.

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High-conversion Websites

A comprehensive suite of website Services

We bring together everything that’s required to build a high-conversion website for growing companies. Kawan Elite’s services power growth for company by designing structure flow, developing website, landing pages, high-speed optimization, seo optimization for search engine to generate real sales and leads.

We also help growing companies to do on-page conversion hacks and maintaining a healthy company websites to increase their conversion rates. That’s what they call us – “The Growth Hacker”.

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Powerful insights data
Optimized for conversions
Blazing fast browsing experience
Built for conversions

Data-driven Ads

Accurately find you customers from the internet

We generate crucial business value to you, our clients, by planning and executing the real performing ads with intensive experiments backed by the actual result – the data.

We’re elite at doing experiements and running performing ads for Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, Tiktok ads, email ads, blogposts, script writing, content creations and more.

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Run Digital Ads
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Accurate Targeting Customers
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Intensive Ads Experiments
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Insightful data and reports
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Jaya Depan

“Kawanelite wow us with their responsive and knowledge services. Kawanelite is not only a website developer to us but more likely a Marketing Guru to us by planning and executing the whole rounded marketing strategy. Thank you Kawanelite”

Jason Tee, Founder and CEO

Jaya Depan

“Highly recommended! Kawan Elite able to customize digital our needs base on our very specific requirements. They professional advice us and bring our brand to next level. Well done & we are excited by the results they produce.”

Keen Wai, Head of Branding

Jaya Depan

Why Kawan Elite

We’ve been there, so can you



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Been generated RM 11 millions revenue per year for nile.com.my with only sales from website.


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Elite experienced in running Facebook Ads (total spent RM 1.3m) and Google Ads (total spent RM 286k)



Elite in managing Facebook Page (459k followers) and Instagram Page (42k followers).


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Brought 5 millions visitors to nile.com.my website per year with data-driven digital marketing.