Customer Support Policy

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Welcome to Kawan Elite, your trusted partner in marketing technology. This policy outlines our commitment to providing exceptional support in advisory, online infrastructure development, and digital marketing services. Our support is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring efficient and effective solutions.

Support Eligibility

  • Care Plan Subscription: Our support services are exclusively available to clients with an active care plan subscription, as outlined in the specific agreement signed by each client.
  • Non-Subscribers: Clients without subscriptions to our care plans (including website, web applications, portals, etc.) will not have access to standard support services. However, they can seek assistance through our advisory services, bookable at Kawanelite Consultation.

Support Availability

  • Business Hours: Our support team is available from 9am-6pm on business days.
  • After-Hours Support: Limited emergency support is available outside of these hours for critical issues.

Support Channels

  • Ticketing System: Clients with care plans can submit support requests through our online ticketing system in project portal.
  • Email Support: Reach out to us at for non-urgent inquiries.
  • Phone Support: For urgent matters and exclusive only to client premium subscription, clients can contact our support line provided in the signed agreement during business hours.

Response and Resolution Times

  • Initial Response: We acknowledge all support tickets from subscribed clients within 2 working hours during business hours.
  • Estimated Resolution Time:
    • Standard Issues: Typically resolved within 24 hours.
    • Complex Issues: May take several days or longer, depending on complexity. Regular updates will be provided.

Issue Prioritization

  1. Critical: Major outages.
  2. High Priority: Significant business impact, but not total work stoppage.
  3. Normal Priority: Regular service issues or individual user requests.
  4. Low Priority: Minor issues or general inquiries.

Escalation Procedure

  • Level 1: Basic issue resolution and initial response.
  • Level 2: Complex issues requiring specialized expertise.
  • Level 3: Senior technical staff and management involvement.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide comprehensive issue details for effective resolution.
  • Accurate Contact Information: Maintain current contact information in our system.
  • Feedback: Your feedback helps us improve our services continuously.


Our support services do not include the following:

  • Customizations: Changes to the design, functionality, or features beyond the original scope.
  • Upgrades: Major version upgrades or platform migrations.
  • Layout Changes: Modifications to the existing layout or design aesthetics.
  • Feature Additions: Integrating new features or capabilities not included in the original scope.
  • Third-Party Code Modifications: Any issues caused by modifications, edits, or changes made to the code by individuals or entities outside of the Kawan Elite team. If such actions result in system or site breakdown, resolution will not be covered under our standard support services.
  • Out-of-Scope Support: Any support requests that fall outside the specific scope of support as defined in each individual client’s signed contract. Each client’s contract outlines the specific support services provided, and any requests beyond these defined parameters are considered out-of-scope and may require separate agreements or consultations.

Changes to Policy

Kawan Elite reserves the right to update this support policy. It is the responsibility of clients to review this policy periodically for any changes..